Create Video Clips from Webcasts

Is there an easy way to create video clips from on-demand webinars? I see there’s a way to edit an on-demand webcast, but that doesn’t look like it will create a separate video clip.

I’m thinking of ways we can incorporate shorter, bite-sized clips from our webcasts as part of our social media strategy


We download and edit in Camtasia. Then post onine.

There is a way in the Archive tab to “Edit webcast for on-demand viewing.” You’ll select the time stamps you want your snippet to start/stop on, then select create file to download an mp4. However, it’s important to select the Reset option after this, as I’ve found that whatever time stamps you use there, those are what on-demand webinar attendees will see (i.e. they’ll only see the snippet, not the entire webcast).

Camtasia is a great tool for creating and editing videos.